History of our company

Original Web Design In 2000, the activity started in the Information and Software sector. Original Web Design, which started to provide Internet Services in 2006, started to provide Corporate Web Sites, E-Commerce Sites, Hosting and Domain services. We are continuing to make web designs that make a difference both as a web design and as a technical infrastructure to companies, organizations, associations, individuals and organizations requesting web design. Developing Technology is designed to quickly adapt your design and software staff to your web site in a way that integrates visuals in a manner compatible with the theme, theme design and harmonious color usage, easy to navigate and comfortable reading provides the opportunity to quickly and meet all your needs are designed web pages.
In any case, our goal is to place our customers at the top of their web site rankings in their own industry and remove them from designs made hundreds of times. We believe that each and every company should represent themselves in the highest quality in terms of local and global sense without distinction between size and sector, and we continue to work with the awareness of our responsibility. Firmanıza aims to make the best and most striking presentation of your company on the web environment by earning the corporate identity and by introducing your own identity and culture-specific web design.

Our Basic Philosophy

Our company philosophy is to create the types of websites that businesses want the most. It is easy to find, stylish and attractive, fast loading, mobile sensitive corporate web sites and e-commerce sites.

Our mission

We have designed our entire processes and products to provide everything small businesses need in the beginning – ensuring that working with us is always a quick, easy and hassle-free experience. We keep our clients in full control of their websites without a ridiculous price tag, and the friendly team offers expertise even when your website is alive.


Who We Are

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Why Choose Us

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  • Easy to use layout visual builder
  • Modern & beautiful ready-made skins
  • Tons of useful widgets & shortcodes
  • Friendly & helpful support team
  • Compatible with popular plugins

Awesome Results

Video Production

Results of the 2015

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Our Features

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Meet the team!

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